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I have had a very nice morning, I must say. My sister and I got pedicures and then we forced my brother to meet us at The Original Pancake House for breakfast. When he got there Jenny and I hid behind menus while he looked for us, much like in any RomCom that involves cute girl trying to spy on boy of desire or some such. Gotta say, it was funny.

Then Jenny and I went to the Newberry Library Book Fair which was, unsurprisingly, overwhelming but I did get this book because it was sitting there, begging to be purchased and how could I not? And how had it not been snatched (heh, snatch) up already?

Much like my copy of Hugh Hefner's "Century of Sex" I assume that this book will reside on the top of my bookcase as a laugh and then one day my children - who, let me be clear, don't exist yet - will find it, maybe when they're about ten, and will spend the next several years sneaking pictures of it when I am not home.

I also bought Better Homes & Gardens' Cooking with Cheese.


I mentioned last night that I might be posting some pictures of my cat.

Well, I did.

Also featured: my messy living room, trees.

A rollicking good time.

Now I have to finish my reread of DH because even though I have already read the end twice the second time wasn't in order and I wan to reread the whole thing in order because I DO! JEEZ! What's with the interrogation?
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