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Okay, so this working full days thing is a lot harder then it looks. I started sweating and getting light-headed by the time it was time to pull (remove watches and jewelry from cases. Usually around 4:30) and by five, when my customer showed up, I was about to collapse.


I mean, I feel better when I wake up, and i guess I should be pleased that the feeling like crap is happening later and later, but I'd rather it didn't happen at all, you know?

In any case, I am going to bed in about an hour.

In other news, I am going for my monthly dermatologist appointment tomorrow (remember those?) They will take of my blood - because I haven't given enough blood in the last month - and I will (eventually) find out if I am well enough to go back on Accutane. I really don't want to rush it, though. I want my liver to heal!

Oh! But this is nice: I haven't had Accutane in about a month and I haven't broken out at all! Well, not much, anyway. And nothing too painful.

It's working!


Well, I'm eating soup with rice so that I can take some Ginseng (Fleet's orders) and then I might read the flist and a few other sites before I pass out. Seriously, I see myself going to bed at about eight. I might read some more Sandman, but that is probably it.

Oh, sleep, heal me!
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Even though I very deliberately didn't want to take a nap when I got home from work today so that I could go to sleep earlier tonight I am still going to take a nap.

Jeebus, I'm tired.

And, in case you hadn't guessed, so very much over this whole Mono thing.
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I had a lovely weekend, indeed.

Really nice and relaxing.

I went to the art fair yesterday and saw Patchouli (and got their new album) and that was very cool and fun, in part because they were set up in a tent that was ring by a heavily leaning willow tree and we sat on the trunk to listen which felt sort of like (horizontal) tree climbing. It was a beautiful day and a perfect day for an art fair *and* a concert. Afterwards Fleet and I walked around some of the fair (we also hit some of the fair before the show) and found a guy who makes small wood carvings of animals which are very cute and *then* he photographs them in a really colorful way (like a small Kiwi bird with kiwi fruit, and zebras among bar codes) and I bought three prints and then four cards that I can frame and I love them quite a lot. When I find his card I'll link to his site. It really is fantastic.

Today my mom had the wonderful idea that my family should have a barbeque in Lincoln Park and so that is what we did. And Fleet went and met my whole family. And my mom's boyfriend was there and his daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.

And you know what?

It was awesome.

I was so thinking it would be a hassle or tiring or annoying or *something* and really it was perfect. Fleet got along well with *everyone* and they all seemed to like him a lot. The food was good, the company was fun and the weather was absolutely lovely.

It really was an excellent day. Then Fleet and I came back here and I dozed while he futz about, mostly online. He just went home and I am going to go to bed soon because I am back at work tomorrow. Woo!

Not full time, unless I feel like I can handle it. But still.

I have been sleepy but not really been all that strenuous this weekend so I have been soldiering through. This week will be interesting.

Now I am going to go read some more of "The Sandman" series. Fleet loaned me 10 volumes and I am thoroughly absorbed in them. They are really quite brilliant.

I hope everyone (well, everyone in this particular country) had a wonderful weekend and maybe took a moment to think about everyone who has fought for the United States.

And I hope everyone who didn't have the day off (because of work or because they aren't of the United States) had a lovely Monday.

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Well, I just wrote and deleted and entire post. It was very boring. Mostly it was: I'm still sleepy, trying to get out and run errands, had lunch with [ profile] disbelief11 (which was not boring at all and she rocks and gave me bread YUM!), will have missed about 13 days of work when all is said and done and am cleaning quite a lot because I am moving next month, place to be determined when I can stay awake for more then an hour and a half.

How is everyone else? How are things?
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1) I went to the doctor for a mono follow up. My lymph nodes are now the same size which is good, but the same size is still swollen which isn't good. I still have a liver and a spleen. Also good. I was told by the NP that I can go back to work part time on Friday if I am up to it (YAY!) and then part time all next week.

So that's something.

2) Every morning I wake up all, "Ahhh, I feel great and rested and lovely! And here are the birds with my robe and Peekie with my slippers and chipmunks making my coffee!" Then I take a shower and suddenly I'm a little bit worn out but nothing big, no worries. Then I go run an errand before my doctor's appointment that includes picking up guest parking passes which takes about two minutes and walking two blocks to Macy's and suddenly I find myself in line at the shoe department, waiting to make a return, and holding onto a display to keep from falling over. And then I have to sit for ten minutes to get the energy to go to the doctor.

So this is what they mean when they say I'll get tired easily.

3) Unexpected - really, seriously unexpected - side benefit of mono! Yes! Benefit! I have quite accidentally quit smoking. As it turns out, all you need to do is feel like hell and barely be able to eat or move for a week or so and you can't even tell you're withdrawing from nicotine! Try it! It's fun!

Of course, the second I realized I didn't want a cigarette and the thought of it made me kind of nauseous I craved a cigarette. But it went away quickly.

Also, I am tired enough just walking down the street, do I really want to make it harder by hindering my breathing?

4) I don't think that Jay Z is "big pimpin', spending cheese" even thought that is what I have been singing all day.

5) Peekie is taking good care of me.

7) I stopped in the office after the doctor to give my boss an updated note and also see if there was anything that needed doing. I ended up staying a little longer then I meant to but I got to see the construction that's been done and checked my email and stuff. Nothing pressing and I'm good on the work front. Though I will have a LOT of appraisals to work on when I am back. Which, actually, is good because I will be able to take it easy when I am typing them up.

Okay, well, that is all I have for now. I am tired and think I will go to bed soon. Sleep, sleep and more sleep, that is for me.

xoxo and thank you for all of the love.
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Today, I plan for a journey.

This is exciting people.

I am planning on Going Somewhere. On the bus.

For I have three pairs of shoes sitting in a DSW bag on my bedroom floor. Two pairs of these shoes have Very High Heels.

I will not be wearing Very High Heels this summer when I am all Accutane-y so I am returning them.

And I have to return them soon so I don't get store credit when what I really want is my money back. 30 days are almost up.

One pair is *so cute* but they were purchased on a whim and I need my money not to go to whims and I would hang on to them but I also thing they will give me bad, bad blisters along the arch and under my ankle bone and that is just not worth the money. The other pair I just don't like.

The third pair is a pair of sneakers and I am going to return them and rebuy them with my $10.00 off gift certificate. Yay!

And I am Clever today!

Because when I take the bus I plan on Not. Standing. Sitting, really, would be ideal.

And there is a Cubs game at one.

So if I take the bus between now and, say, two o'clock there will be less 'sitting' and more 'being smashed into a throng of rowdy Cubs fans after waiting for four overcrowded busses to pass and an accidental elbow to the spleen is still an elbow to the spleen" and I will be sad and tired and dizzy and I will end up licking someone in exasperation so they can share my pain.

And that's really isn't good for anyone.

So I will go in a few hours, around two or 2:30 when people are not headed to Wrigley and also when people are not headed *home* from Wrigley.

Wish me luck!

Oh! And today for the first time in over a week I had coffee! And an apple with peanut butter! And they were fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that I am going to go get more coffee right now.

Later, my loves.
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So, this sucks.

Sucks because I am feeling better, again. Good, even. But I know I'm not and if I push myself then I will just get worse again and be miserable and I don't want that. But I am so bored and so tired (in a lethargic way).

Today I spent six hours at my mom's doing laundry. That seems like a lot of laundry for one person, right? Right. It is a lot of laundry and, in fact, I did very little laundry. One load of darks, washed and dried, one load of whites, washed with bleach, washed without bleach and dried.


Because my mother's brand new high efficiency washer/drier is the Slowest. Washer/Drier. Ever.

Seriously, there is some sort of wrinkle in the time (heh) because the driers five minutes is, like, real world twenty minutes.


The reason I went over there is because I *am* still prone to sudden serious sleepiness and i wanted to not irritate others if I didn't pick up my clothes in time.

But all that was pretty much for naught because I got home and my whites *still* smelled like bleach so back in the wash they went. Hopefully not for four hours this time.

In my grumpiness and despondence I decided, fuck it! I want real food! So I came home and got a roast beast sammich with a slice of cheese and lettuce and tomato and I got Dorito's which I thought were regular but are in fact stupid Spicey Nacho except I think spicy nacho is regular.

I *really* want them!

But I am afraid to try them.


Oh, and the subject line: my mom says she would rather I be despondent then lying in bed unable to move listlessly staring at the wall. Anger, restlessness, depression, those all mean I'm getting better.

So, you know, whooptie doo.

eta: One bright spot. I did get paid my full check today (yay for direct deposit!) I don't know if he just took vacation time or what but right this second I am NOT COMPLAINING. Because I got a lovely reminder call that I forgot to pay a credit card that was due last week (and I am never late on OMGCHILLCITICARD!) so I paid that right on up. Yay! Money!
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I feel better. Ish. I think.

I slept well last night and today? When I woke up?

I took a shower.



Now, don't get me wrong- I have been bathing in the literal sense of the word, but taking a bath for the purposes of getting clean sucks. I don't feel clean at all and, I don't know, it's not my favorite way to cleanse the bod.

But today?

I showered. Washed *and* conditioned my hair. It was bliss.

It was also exhausting and when I finished I collapsed into bed for ten minutes to recover.


But I soldier on. today, for instance, I am loading up my granny cart and heading four blocks to my mom's place where I will do laundry. The reason I am doing it there instead of in my building is because I am still prone to sudden exhaustion and if I should fall asleep while a load is in the wash I won't have to worry about someone needing the machine or stealing clothes or anything.

Also, I wouldn't mind a change of wall to stare at.

So that's that.

A fascinating update, for sure.

Have lovely Fridays [*checks*] yes Fridays everyone and I'll talk to you soon.
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I don't want to be counting anything before it hatches or anything or anything but I had a piece of toast with a scrambled (except fried because I didn't quite get to scrambling it) on top and I'm feelin' (mostly) fine!

There was even *cheese* (a sprinkle of parmesan) in the eggs.

*does a victory dance*


In other news, I have an lbb and YOU CAN NOT HAVE HER.

She is mine.


Here's a sobering thought, if your me: I graduated from college ten years ago tomorrow.

College. Yes. That time I SHOULD HAVE had mono.
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Today, when I do sleep, it's not like sleep I can just roll back into. So when, say, work calls - again - about something that I had nothing to do with except I helped the customer the first time around (we are on revolution number two) I can't just fall back asleep. The little bit I had is sustaining.

Sure, that is a good thing in that maybe my body is better, doesn't need as much flat out sleep, etc, but in the short term, when I'm asleep I'm not bored.

On the plus side, Ina Garten is on soon followed by Paula Deen.

Oh Food Network, you will help me through these tough times.

I think I might go scramble and egg and have a bit of toast.

Mmmmm, protein.


May. 15th, 2008 10:59 am
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I appear to have successfully (re)introduced dairy into my diet via vanilla yogurt.

I ate a whole half a container this morning and don't even feel queasy!

Yay! *preens*

Cheeseburger city, here I come!

Unfortunately, though, I am not better as per the blood results of the letting I had yesterday. Everything is still the same.

My nurse practitioner said that mono is traditionally a three week process (very general, but for all intents and purposes) and I am probably in the beginning of my second week. Which is a drag. But that doesn't mean I won't be able to work next week or anything, I hope. I am really not trying to push myself but I have been out of work for almost two weeks and I am in no way deluding myself that I am getting paid for this time so going back to work would be swell.

She (nurse practitioner) also said that I was young and healthy but mono is a big deal. If someone got it when they were eighty they probably wouldn't make it. and then she said that dreaded phrase that I never wanted to hear:

At. Your. Age.


Context: I might be hit a bit harder than most people because usually people get mono when they are in their late teens or even early twenties. So I am totally healthy and such but AT MY AGE it might take a bit longer to bounce back or I might have it a bit worse then I would have ten or fifteen years ago.


Bad body!

Why couldn't I have gotten this in college like any normal person? Why when I am 31?

Boo again.

Finally, and in no particular order, I am so freaking bored. I am thinking I might attempt to unload my dishwasher but even that seems like exhausting work. And I was also going to reload it after that which seems almost impossible.

The only thing I want to do is watch Paula Deen make glorious food that I can't eat and fantasize about the time I can eat it.

Today we add to the list:
1) Cheeseburger with cheddar cheese and onion strings *and* fries
2) spinach-artichoke dip
3) Lasagna
4) Tuna melt on an english muffin with cheddar cheese
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Hi guys.

I have a question. Okay, a few questions.

I'm going to feel better, right? And I will someday be able to eat my cheeseburger? And eggs?

Without fear?

And I won't be just beat down by going and making a piece of toast (because, screw it, I'm on solids)?

This is so miserable.


Okay, more wall staring, I think. Or su doku.

Nothing on TV and I don't have the energy to read.

I am a wild, wild woman, oh yes.

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Well, I'm done with solids for a while. It's not that the last ones didn't stay down it's that *something* (possibly the cipro) didn't stay down so we are back to coddling my tummy.

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Well, I'm still sick. Though I might be actually eating real solids (!) which makes me ever so happy! The thought of two more weeks of this nausea is almost unbearable at this point. I know it might happen. I know, I know, I know, but denial is sometimes a coping mechanism, so I am all about denial.

Today I have had two whole pieces of toast! And baby food (prunes with apple and, later, pears) and about 1/2 a cup of beef barley soup.

I am thinking of making white rice with chicken broth for dinner. Actually, I'm pretty hungry, I just can't really tell how much I can stomach.

The other problem is sleep. That problem being: I can't.

I was up for much of the night working on my wall-staring technique and during the day *every time* I've fallen asleep the phone has rung within a half hour. And my mom? If I don't answer?

Oh, it's not good.

So that is also sucky.

And I still want a cheeseburger and, after watching 2.5 hours of the food network, lasagna and polenta and grilled caesar salad and fruit salad and spinach-artichoke dip and bacon wrapped crackers and yeah.

I think I'll go make my rice and broth.

Oh goody!

eta: ix-nay on the ice-ray. It takes about 20 minutes to cook, all told (I don't have instant) and I don't trust me with anything that takes so long to cook. Looks like it's more baby food and crackers for me. =(
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While reading up on my spleen, which I must protect while monocized so no contact sports for me, I was briefly under the magical impression that there was, in fact, a website called

Alas, I was misled.

Oh well.

I think I might have some appley sauce. My tum's a grumbling and I don't feel all that nauseous.

Fingers crossed everyone!
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Things I have done since we have last chatted:

1) Taken a long nap (and I'm not giving it back, ha!)

2) lay in bed and stare at the wall (this was by choice)

3) Tried to watch The Pirates of Penzance (was not enthralled. Turned it off)

4) Tried to eat some beef and barley soup. Choked down a little under a cup. Hoping it stays down

5) Spent some more time staring at the wall

6) Spent ten vigorous minutes playing su doku

7) Exhausted from the aforementioned su doku, spent twenty minutes lying on back staring at ceiling

I see that time is pretty much up and I have some invigorating lying down and staring to do.

Later, my lovelies.

ps- as pointed out by [ profile] the_lbb, I think I have willed Monnui into existence. More later.
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Dear everyone,

Thank you for the love and kind words.

Now, how long before I can have a cheeseburger?

I really want a cheeseburger.

Angel Chicken

ps- what should I watch this week? The world is my (bored, bored, oh my god so bored!) oyster.

eta: This week? Expect spam. I will be home with my computer so every fleeting thought I have of "I should post that to lj" will probably be posted.

You have been warned.

pps- I have a spectacularly large bruise on the inside of my arm where all the blood was drawn. I'm quite pleased with it, actually. And almost no bruise where the IV was in the back of my hand. Interesting. (let the spam begin . . . )
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At the urging of the Nurse Practitioner (who called today to check on me. She rocks!) my mom and I hopped into a cab and journeyed to the Northwestern Memorial Emergency Room which is always fun.

I haven't been to an ER, I don't think, since the Great Shower Disaster of '96.

As a side note.

Anyway, I went to get fluids and tests and fluids and tests I got. I also threw up again which was a lot less fun then the various pricks and proddings.

AND! On an amazing note, I got to the ER, it was empty, I went right in to a room and the Dr came in maybe ten minutes later.


Anyway, the results of the all the tests, too.

I have a bladder infection.

And Mono.


Seriously? Mono? How is that even possible? The bladder infection is strange, too, because I have had no symptoms that I typically associate with a UTI. Like, none.

But mono?

So I left the hospital with three liters of fluid in my veins, prescriptions for an antibiotic and an anti-nausea med and a lovely note from the doctor telling work that I can return in seven days if my doctor thinks I'm up to it.

So, what the hell am I going to do for the next week?

And mono?
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