Lazy Sunday

Jun. 8th, 2008 01:37 pm
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Today is a lazy day (see subject) which is nice because I did work all day yesterday and so it's nice to have a quiet day now.

Peter and I are going to get brunch (eventually) and then come back and watch DVDs. I think on the slate for today is Jim Henson's Storyteller, Evolution and maybe an episode or two of Buffy.

Sounds perfect.

We just had a big bad storm. It was nice to be inside.

And I'm a wee little bit frightened. Peter and I are both on the couch in the living room. I'm on my ibook and he's on his EEE (pronounced: eeeeeeeeeee!)

Does that make us Yuppie? Technologically savvy? Sad? Exceptional?

I vote special.

He's reading over my shoulder. I'd, you know, be all offended but for the part where I did the same thing to him this morning. And I'm not actually saying anything that he won't see later anyway. Okay, see, it's fine until he starts pointing out my typos. Then I have to do something. Later. Maybe. Oh, but it will be threatening, oh yes. Retribution will be mine.

Okay, I'm hungry. Time to put on real, non jammy clothes (though I do think the world would benefit from seeing me in my camouflage Marvin the Martian boxers) and pry Peter away from Anteater.

Any my battery is about to go kaput. She needs the juice!

Peace out, yo.


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