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Well, week four on Accutane which means just about a month (an actual month going by the lunar calendar) and, well, not much change from last week, I don't think.

My face isn't really peeling, except where I break out and my breakouts are smaller. They still happen, but the acne isn't as large and doesn't seem to last as long. Still hurts, though.

What does appear to be in the early stages of peeling, though, is the back of my right hand (and a little bit on my left). It's not gross or anything, it just looks . . . spotty. Like when you have ├╝berdry skin, which there you go.

Tomorrow is my first doctors appointment since I've started so I will have to drink an entire bottle of in the cab on the way. Heh. Pregnancy and blood tests are ever so much fun, let me tell you.

And I have a whole list of questions for my doctor ranging from the ouchie on my right ring finger to my crazy [.] stuff. Whee!

So, all is well on that front.

Oh! One thing I did notice, though, I think, is that I am getting hungover a bit easier. I felt it a bit this morning even though I only had about one to one and a half glasses of wine. On the whole, not a problem as I'm not a big drinker anyway, but it is still something of note, I guess.

In four months when cold medicine is giving me raging hangovers I'm sure I will look back on this mild headache fondly. Heh.


Weekend was okay. After the mishaps with Fleet he ended up getting to my place last night around five. We (I) made fish tacos which were fantastic (well, the first batch- the second batch the oil wasn't hot enough, dag nabit, so they weren't as great. But we didn't eat them because we were stuffed so I'll just heat them in the oven and they'll be fine) and watched Eat Drink Man Woman which was really good. Then we turned on Captain Blood which is the movie I originally wanted to watch because - DUH - swashbuckling! Awesome!

Well, I watched a good twenty, twenty-five minutes before passing out. Fleet woke me up at one point so I could watch some fantastic swashbuckling action but mostly, yeah, I missed the film.

From what I got of it, though, I don't think I'm all that upset. Maybe I'll give it another chance at a later date.


Today we slept in a little and at noon he went home because I had a baby shower that I actually wanted to go to because I quite love the woman having the baby. She's married to a man I've known since I was a wee little thing and I think the world of them. She is eight months along but unless you see her from the side you can hardly tell! She looks adorable and I am so happy for the two of them!

The shower was a shower and we'll just leave it at that.

Now I am going to sack out for the rest of the night. It should be an interesting week: I have the doctor early tomorrow and then I am out of the office all day on Tuesday for Tag Heuer training and then my boss is out the rest of the week.

Fleet is going to Arizona for ten days on Saturday. Ah well, it means I will be able to get some stuff done, like work on my mom's Mother's Day gift and maybe see some friends.

All in all I am okay.

Still pissed as hell about the work thing, but it is fading, thank goodness. Hopefully by tomorrow it will all just be cleared up and over with.

Well, there is my totally boring update. But now at least I have the accutane stuff on record.

♥♥♥ to all!
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The biggest difference I've seen this week is that my nose is clearer. Not perfect, by any means, but a definite clearness that wasn't there. I also think that the acne and such that was on my nose was because of the accutane, so it's nice to see it worked through (though I am by no means thinking that I have gotten through the worst of it).

Still lots of Aquaphor, not as much peeling, drinking water and things are okay.

The other problem I discussed last week - the one having to do with being back on birth control - is *still* a problem. Feh. But I'll give it another month or so and we'll see what happens.


In other news, I have had what can only be described as a decadent weekend (cut because I ramble). )

Oh! random other: My mother just went to the Caribbean for a week, and yesterday morning, as she was leaving for the airport, the fire alarm in her front hall started beeping. So she called me from the airport to see if I would stop over and change the batteries so that it wouldn't start beeping incessantly while she was out of town. I agreed, and before breakfast Fleet and I went over to switch them out. Now, the smoke alarm only takes 9V batteries and the two extra my mom had were dead (so very helpful, that). So Fleet and I went to eat, then stopped at Walgreen's to pick up two new ones that, you know, worked.

So we go back to my mom's, I put in the batteries and push down the 'test' button and the batteries work, but somehow the test system on the fire alarm set off the security system in my mom's apartment. So the fire alarm stops going off, but now the whole freaking security alarm is going nuts and the security company calls to see if everything is okay.

Everything is fine except I don't know the alarm code. At all. Even a little bit. And the woman on the phone needs the code to help the alarm. Or she'll have to call the fire department (which, as it turns out, came anyway). So I am trying to figure out the alarm, which is still going nuts - can't call my mother because she's on a plane - trying to call my brother who is in the middle of moving, trying to call my *sister* who is at a birthday party for her husband's aunt, forcing my cell phone at Fleet and asking *him* to try calling my siblings while I dig through my mom's filing cabinet, freaking out that the woman I am *still* on the phone with is going to think I'm an intruder and basically losing my mind, though not in a huge way. More absurd.

After about fifteen minutes I've hung up with the Security woman, who is trying to reach my sister, the alarm has automatically stopped shrieking and my brother calls me back having thought of a possible code. So I go over to the system and punch it in and the alarm deactivates.

All is well.

Except the fire department is still coming and that is no good. So I call back the security place (thank you caller ID!) and talk to the woman who asks the password I now know (and will NEVER forget) and she says that she'll call off the dispatch. Except as we're talking there are siren's getting closer and closer.

Well, suddenly they stop, all is good with the security company, Fleet and I have a moment to absorb the surreal 20 minutes we just experienced and we leave. Only to walk into the fire department. Who, as it turns out, have no idea that to get to my mother's apartment you actually have to go to the back of the building to the second elevator and even if they did know that they don't know how to use the elevator override.

Chicago's Bravest, ladies and gentlemen.

But they were nice and would have figured it out, I'm sure, and I had a fun little adventure, indeed.

All this because I did my mother a favor.

Ta Da!

Well, it was funny and only frustrating when I didn't have the code (I had my mother's maiden name, birthdate, social security number and several other bits of information but none of them would work because I didn't have the blasted code. OH MY GOD SO FRUSTRATING!!!) and the alarm was shrieking.

So, that's my weekend. good times, my friends. Good times.


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