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Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you are all full of candy and happiness and other good things.

I, myself, am not full of candy, but I am full of knowledge about memory (I hope) because I have a quiz tomorrow (If I don't I will throw the FIFTEEN PAGES OF NOTES written over THREE PLUS HOURS OF READING ONE CHAPTER in my teacher's face. Not really, but the imagining of it will be sweeeeeeeeeeeet).

Also, I have a problem. The problem is with procrastination. Now, everything that is due tomorrow is done. Done and done with no problems and no worries and happiness and fuzzy bunnies and all that.

It's next Monday. Monday November 8th. That is the problem with procrastination.

Hmmmmmm, what do I have due in the next 174 hours? Beware the excessive ALLCAPS )

In other, less ALLCAPS news, PK is even more of a rockstar then he has ever been. He is almost sitting up on his own, he has a tooth (A TOOTH!) and if you put a remote control on the floor he will skootch and slither and almost crawl his way to it, even if it's, like, ten feet away!
AMAZING! He is such a perfect lil' guy. We're hanging out tomorrow night and Friday night. I am the luckiest Godmother in the world.

Uhhhh, things with guitar guy are still . . . thinging. What things are, I'm not so sure. But fun is being had, so that's something. And he is very strict about him paying while I am a poor student. I have no problems with that. And he is rarely in Illinois so I don't have to worry about him distracting from my MASSIVE STUDY TIME.

OKAY! Time for me to get back on the studying wagon. Woo! Dyslexia and self-esteem! Decoding vs. Comprehension!

Maybe after a nap . . .

* Possibly not literally. Possibly.
** Quotation marks can be considered sarcastic
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Children who were born on the day my dad died are now legal adults.
18 years. Time really flies.
I still miss him. I still can't believe he died.
Life does go on, but the hole will always be there.
I miss you, Dad. I wish you were here.
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This came in through my phone this morning and I just about died. Despite all logic and reason his cuteness continues to grow. I might be dead of cute by the time he's a year old.

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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the world! [ profile] sunbrae you are so strong and and smart and funny and sweet and beautiful and in incredibly brave and inspiring woman and I am so, so happy to have you in my life. I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you to infinity!
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Today I should have studied more but, well, ^^^ happened and how could I not play with him! And Sister DVRed Bones! And I did some reading and wrote my journal entry (weirdly long) for Practicum 1.

Tomorrow, though, it's serious.

Tomorrow I'm going to the library.



Sep. 22nd, 2010 08:59 pm
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I have never been so excited and so sad for a movie to come out, ever. I want to see it so desperately, but when I do that means it's almost over and I will have to wait EIGHT MONTHS for the next part and the final movie will kill me dead, I know it, I just do.

The new trailer:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One

Dead. I am dead.
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Last night I saw Inception. I thought it was fantastic and can not stop coming back to different ideas the movie planted (HA!) And the last shot was awesome.

You know who else was awesome? Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Wow, he is just spectacular.

As is Leo. I love Leo and I am so, so happy he is so successful. Also, his eyes are gorgeous. Though not as striking as Cillian Murphey's. Holy crap, those are some peepers.

I want to live in Christopher Nolan's brain. I was just blown away by the entire thing.
Yes, loose ends, holes, blah, blah, whatevercakes. It was beautifully done and I want to see it again.

Of course, dinner of movie theatre nachos (okay, and maybe some popcorn, too, DON'T JUDGE ME!) on top of such a mind trip left it's mark and I had some SERIOUSLY fucked-up nightmares. Within nightmares. It has been a while since I have had a dream within a dream and when I woke up at two in the morning I was so freaked out that I couldn't fall back asleep for over an hour. I ended up reading an article about Jon Stewart in New York Magazine. That helped. But man, I was freaked out and kept waiting for something evil to slither or slink through my bedroom door or up from the foot of the bed.


I also saw Easy A, in part to give my brain a break from Inception.

Adorable, wonderful, kind of falls apart at the end, but I still enjoyed the whole thing. Emma Stone is fantastic. I liked Thomas Hayden Church more then anything I've seen him in since Wings and I am now aware of Penn Baglady who is kind of hot and makes me maybe want to just half watch an episode of Gossip Girl to see if it is worth watching more in depth.

I laughed out loud a lot. OH! I also, quite unexpectedly, laughed OUT LOUD (as did the rest of the audience) at the final gag in the Jackass 3D trailer.

I have no desire to see the Denzel Washington/ Chris Pine speeding train movie.

I wish that RPattz was coming out with a movie soon because I would have loved to have seen him in a trailer. What can I say, the man makes my eyes happy.

Oh! Easy A is worth is for Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci alone. They were hysterical and adorable.

Okay, that is all for now. I have been taking a study break, you see, and now I have to study more. Because I had forgotten that no matter how much you study there is always more.

ETA: There are some (vauge-ish) Easy A spoilers in the comments.
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I think school is going to be an amazing experience.

Homework, I am having problems getting behind. But that has always been the case. School, so far, seems great. I especially like my Thursday morning Social Justice class. The professor is engaging and funny and the content is so important and so interesting.

Now I just need to (wo)man up and cold call some schools. I can't observe myself! And Pierce is too young.

Speaking of, Pierce can now not only roll from his tummy to his back, but also from his back to his tummy.

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!

This means he's mobile.

It begins . . .

Don't let the smile fool you . . .

He will gum you, but good!
(I see this look a lot. Usually right before he latches onto a finger and starts gnawing. He's like a little dog with a bone. It cracks me up, but that is probably because he hasn't gotten his teeth yet).
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I went to a party tonight. There was wine. I'm not sure of the quality, though, because I had three glasses and I'm not bombed, but I certainly wouldn't drive a car. I can type, so there is that.
Also, there were many single females, but no single men.


I may or may not go to guitar tomorrow. I might want to prepare for school. Also, Flirty-Guy won't be there so it might not be worth it. Also most of the people weren't there last week, so while I can use the catch up, it's not imperative.

And I have school in two days! I don't have notebooks! How can I go to school without notebooks!

Also, tomorrow I want to go to Nookie's and have a Belgium waffle. I have been thinking about one for WEEKS! Tomorrow I make the dream come true. Maybe.

I am not loaded, but drunk enough to think that the above is VERY IMPORTANT to share.

I imagine you all feel fulfilled.

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Well, my Summer vacation has drawn to a close. Now it's just a weekend. Because I have school on Monday.

And that is awesome.

And terrifying.

In May I made a plan for myself, involving an abundance of Pierce time and Mom and Jenny time, some serious snoozing, some friend visits, visiting some friends, a few important tests to get into graduate school, a good amount of time in New York and a family vacation in Cape Cod.

And you know what?

Everything I planned worked. It all happened. It was all great. I had an amazing Summer, a truly fantastic three months and I am so, so lucky for it.

And Fall! Oh my gosh, Autumn is going to be so interesting and overwhelming and scary and, I hope, wonderful.

I'm going to graduate school! I'm going to teach elementary school! It feels so right! I'll be spending one day a week in a grade school observing children and planning lessons and all of the things that teachers do.

I want to get a part-time data entry job (something mindless, for okay money, that I can do without a ton of human interaction. Sales is a no go) to supplement my (nonexistent) income. I'm also, hopefully, going to spend one day, or afternoon, a week watching Pierce which is what I want most of all.

I'm going to continue with guitar, which I am loving (OMG! I learned a bar chord! That is so badass).

And starting at the end of the month I am going to spend one night a week in the play center of Childrens Memorial Hospital, hanging out with four to eleven-year-old patients and their families. Volunteering for Childrens is something I have wanted to do for a while (I put my name in last October. It's a looooooooooooooong wait list) and god called last week.

I actually had an option: children four to eleven or babies, newborn to three. I opted for the older children because while I love and adore babies I have PK and seeing babies his age who are so sick is something I won't be able to handle. Also, the older children are the ones I want to teach, so what a wonderful way to start to connect.

I'm so incredibly excited about this. It feels . . . important. Like I will be helping and making a difference.

So, my weeks will be full, hooray!

Now I just need to figure out something to do on my weekends. My sister is getting hard-assed about me having things to do on a Saturday night. She won't let me babysit because she thinks I need a fuller social life.

Which, okay, I do.

I babysat Pierce yesterday, though. It was fairly easy. He slept pretty much the entire time. Actually, I ended up waking him up at 7:00pm because he had been asleep for almost three hours and needed to eat.

Let me tell you, Hell hath no fury like a woken-up PK. He was starving and sleepy and I should have fed him first, but I didn't. I changed his diaper and put him in his jammers and he lay on that changing table as furious as I have ever seen him, screaming his fool head off and just flat out pissed.

I wasn't laughing at him because I was distressed at his distress, but when he calmed (ate) and I reflected on it, I did laugh because when he is that angry and crying that hard he looks like he is about 80-years-old and is is SO FUNNY! It is not cute at all which makes it EVEN CUTER.

I don't even know how that works.

But he ate, gave me some smiles, and went back to bed.

It was a nice night.

It's a sleepy, rainy day and I am not making much of an effort to do anything. I am going out tonight, which will be fun (I hope) and then tomorrow will be me getting ready for the big day! I feel like I should have a backpack and a box of crayons!

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FIRST! A question: I made egg muffins (they were awesome) yesterday and I thought I sprayed my muffin pan thoroughly, but apparently not because the egg is seriously caked onto the sides and WON'T COME OFF! I soaked, I scrubbed, I elbow greased, but that egg is stubborn! Any suggestions? Vinegar? Oil? Baking soda? I am hesitant to use cleaning supplies (Clorox spray or 409) because it seems like a bad idea, but I am willing to admit I may be wrong about this. Anyway, ideas would be much appreciated!


♥ I have spent SO MUCH time this week with Sister and Little Baby! He is so sweet and smiley and wonderful and when he starts to really cry he snorts which would be funnier if he wasn't really distressed, but is still a little bit funny.

♥ I don't have TB! I didn't really think I did, but it's nice to have it confirmed. I'm also pretty sure I don't have a criminal record (as I keep getting employed at places that require criminal background checks and nothing has pinged) but will know for certain in five to ten business days.

♥ This is my LAST WEEK of Summer vacation! I have orientation on Tuesday night! And then classes start the following Monday! I received my first text book in the mail (the other five need to be signed for and I wasn't here to do that so I'll have them on Tuesday) (I hope) and in leafing through it remembered how insanely dry and miserable bad text books are. Let us hope the rest are more interesting.

♥ On Wednesday I have my first meeting with the Volunteer Office of Childrens Memorial Hospital! There are, apparently, two options to run by me so I will hear about them and then start the process of learning how to volunteer. Also, I will need ANOTHER criminal background check. I'm wondering if I can't just use the same one twice. I'll ask.

♥ I went grocery shopping while hungry, which isn't awesome, which I know I shouldn't do, but I did and ended up buying the ingredients to make a seriously delicious blueberry smoothie! So easy! Frozen blueberries, 2% Fage yogurt, 1/3 cup 2% milk and 1TB honey in a blender. Fantastic and refreshing! Why haven't I done this before?

♥ While drinking my smoothie I went through my pantry-cabinet and got rid of all of the old and expired (wasted. Bad AC!) food. Seriously, there was stuff in there pre-mono. It's been over two years since I had mono.
Fun fact: tuna fish has a super long shelf life. I had no idea.

♥ Last night it was cool enough to sleep under the comforter with the window open which was just so cozy and perfect. Added bonus: I just washed my sheets so the bed was totally fresh and clean. *bliss*

♥ Running my errands ended up working out to a 3.5 mile walk so I have gotten in my exercise for today!

♥ Tomorrow is the first class of my fourth session of guitar. I'm totally adequate! And getting better!

♥ I got a Groupon for four introductory Spanish classes for $65.00! It expires in a year, so I am thinking of using it in the late fall (I don't want to take too much on at once). Yay! I will learn Spanish, by gum!

Happy Labor Day to my friends in the States! Happy Weekend to my friends who are in other countries!
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My three week odyssey of adventure and relaxation and weddings and beaches and Step Up 3D and lobster and babies and old friends and SO MUCH MORE has drawn to a close.

While it is nice to be home, certainly, I really wouldn't have had a problem with staying in Cape Cod for another few days. Especially as we had four days of overcast and miserable rain (though Thursday and Friday were beautiful) and despite the actual tan I am sporting, a little more salt water and (muchly) unpolluted air would not have been a bad thing.

And I did so like such easy access to Little Baby.

And being two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. And a five minute walk to town and the local coffee shop my sister and I stopped in every morning (srsly- by the end of the week we were regulars. Bliss!)

It is nice to be home again with my sweet girl who I did miss so much! And I did have four (!) checks in the mail from Apple rebate and Ye Olde Job. So those don't suck.

And while I was on vacation I did get my official acceptance to graduate school as well as my official results for my Illinois Basic Skills Test (285/300). And I got 11 out of 12 on the essay! That means my essay was good! I knew it was passable but now I just feel like hot shit.

So, it's been a really wonderful three weeks and I am thrilled that I have something to come back to and I am going to get in touch with Childrens Memorial about volunteering during the week now that my schedule is more open and I will get a part time job (I hope!) and take Pierce once a week and all in all the Fall is going to be AWESOME!

But vacation was pretty fantastic. Hopefully we can go back next year. I'm definitely crossing my fingers.

So! I have had internet access, but it's been somewhat spotty. What's up? What's new? How are things?
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This is a good city. A great city. A FANTASTIC city.

I am really enjoying my stay.

Also, because I am staying at my friends place I can be a lazy ass and stay in bed until two without feeling guilt or ramifications or anything. I can just chillax. This is especially good as I have been a wee bit under the weather this week. BOO! I was all sniffley and wasn't sleeping well, so I have been sleeping HARD in the mornings, usually between eight and eleven. I keep waking up during the night and I don't want to be a Sleepy McGee when I do see my friends in the afternoon.

I have seen old friends and met babies (some of which were WEE! Lil' Katie couldn't have been more then nine pounds and had a tiny head and was all cheek. SO CUTE!) and revisited some of my favorite neighborhoods and I think I am going to be wandering around Central Park this evening and then tomorrow I will be headed to Connecticut with [ profile] the_lbb and her fella to meet anothe college suitemate I haven't seen in years and years.

It'll be awesome, this I know.

I have also revisited favorite food places, which is always fun. There is a place around the corner from where I am staying that make AMAZING empanadas and there is the Bouchon place which is decedent and delicious AND I went to Rice to Riches because I was in the area and any store the successfully sells 20 different flavors of rice pudding is all right by me. I got some of the good ol' cinnamon raisin do not regret a bite. Especially since I have been walking a lot. Which is lovely. I love walking in New York because it is always so interesting and seamless and I miss that. Chicago has so much space there isn't really a way to walk from neighborhood to neighborhood without passing through a lot of residential space. And while that I lovely as well, it does tend to get repetitive after a bit.

Well, as it's officially two o'clock I should probably jump in the shower and make myself presentable for any future events. Even if I just hang out until I meet up in the city at least I will be hanging out ready to go.

Which is something.

Or something.

OH! I emailed guitar guy this morning (finally) and he emailed me back pretty quickly. Whee! Communication is awesome. And he signed up for the next guitar session even though he said he wasn't going to. I like to think it's because I called him a punk, but I only called him that this morning and he signed up a wee bit back.
Either way, it's all good.

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Not so much that I am moving back next week or anything, but DUDE, I will not go so long between visits EVER AGAIN!

You are too important to me, you wonderful city of wonderfulness. Even feeling pretentious on my Mac in the corner Starbucks (meh) is the best ever.

So, yeah, I am so, so thrilled to be here for ten days. I'm gonna enjoy the shit out of you.

Consider yourself warned.

Love and love,



In other news, I went to an amazing wedding last night and today I am going to see the brides again before they leave for Italy and I spend ten days house/catsitting. I am thrilled because I was sad thinking I wouldn't really get to see them while I was in New York, other then the wedding, but we will spend tonight together and that is fantastic. Hip Hip HOORAY!


In other, other news, I had a dream last night that Jensen Ackles was my boyfriend which was great, but Peekie was also really sick and had to get surgery on both of her eyes and that was terrible and so I don't know if ti was a good dream or a bad dream.

Either way, I think I'm going to have to start watching Supernaural.


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I kind of wish this Starbucks had outdoor seating. It's chilly in here!
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And that is why right now, instead of getting ready to board my flight to New York, I am waiting to get a 9:30pm train to New York.
I just could not get on the plane. I got all the way to the airport and had to turn around.

I hate this. I hate how crippling and *limiting* this is.

But sometimes you have to just take care of yourself. And tomorrow there are things I would have liked to do, but nothing pressing until tomorrow night. And I might even be able to make the event tomorrow night.

This fear of flying, I need to do something about it. Because I want to go to England and Australia, at least.

And I know that a two hour flight to New York is nothing and I know all of the logic and all of the physics and I am embarrassed and frustrated by the whole thing.

But I also know how to take care of me. Twenty hours on a train is something I can do. Have done.

And I'll be getting on a plane in three weeks when my family returns from Cape Cod. But I will have my family with me and that will help.

I woke up panicking this morning and .5mg of Xanax didn't even help a little bit, which isn't usually the case.

So, a train. Choo choo.

Fuck. I hate this.

But I feel so immensely better, so it's worth it.

Stupid planes.
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Well, that's not true. I mean, there is much to do, but I have the time to do it. I'm just feeling laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

I'm about to be gone for just over three weeks, you see, and I'm a bit overwhelmed by that. I have to pack. I have to clean. Laundry, dishes, more laundry, running errands, cleaning out anything that can go sour in three weeks, getting the cat to my mom's. Making arrangements to board her, getting in quality nephew time, getting a pedicure and a brow wax, shopping for something to wear to the wedding, packing, and SO. MUCH. MORE!

At least I had an awesome weekend with wonderful friends to think about when I am overwhelmed.

[ profile] canadia_bit, [ profile] sunbrae, [ profile] fenwic, [ profile] dionneshea and [ profile] enkeli were all in Chicago this weekend for a wonderful get together and I got to play tourist! Yay! We met up with [ profile] deeablo and spent time at the Art Institute and on Saturday met up with Dee, again, and [ profile] eee1313 for Gino's deep dish pizza and Ghiradelli's ice cream and hanging out and drinks at the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the Hancock Building (best view of the city skyline) and had a blast.

Sunny and Bit were staying with me which was faboo and in the three of us went to the Field Museum (Yay! Dinosaurs!) and on a Windella River and Lake tour (we went at 7:00pm which was awesome because it was still light out but we got to see the lights come on in the city. So pretty!)

All in all it really was a lovely weekend and I am so, so happy I got to see everyone again!

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time at the park with Jenny and Pierce (and later my mom) which was good. And then last night, after Bit and Sunny left (*sniffle*) I spent some lazy time being lazy. Which has totally bled into today.

Though I did make a list of what I needed to pack. AND I made coffee. So I'm happy with my productivity.

Ugh. I really should go get my laundry going, at least. Feh.

I leave you with one picture:

Baby's first swing!
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Hermione Ginger is dead!


So last night my computer had enough. Was sick of all of my, "I wanna read this", and. "I wanna download that", nonsense and just gave up, gave in, got out.

Spectacular crash begot Blue Screen of Death begot death throes involving the computer constantly restarting on a continuous loop.

It wasn't pretty.

Of course I panicked and called my mom at ten o'clock to say, "OMG MUST MAKE GENIUS BAR APPOINTMENT NOW PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" and she did and so I went today at 1:20.

It was a long 15 hours, let me tell you.

Anywhoodle, I went and laid it out. "Genius", I said, "I am planning on getting a new computer in a month because I need it for school and also this 30GB is for the birds. Is it worth it to get a new computer now or wait and repair the one I currently have that is five-and-a-half-years-old and wonderful but, but, but . . . "

And Genius said, "New computer. Unless you want to spend $300 now and then however much a new computer is in a month".

And I voted new computer. Because I am wise.

"But Genius!", I said, "I have things! Things on old computer that I want to save! I just spent $2.58 on two songs at iTunes! Is there any way to get them on my external hard drive even though old computer is in the throes of death?"

And Genius said there was and he did.

And, holy crap, I got home, hooked up my external hard drive and was able to copy everything from the old computer onto the new one.


All of my bookmarks, all of the tabs I had open, everything, all here.

AND, I was able to get an I'm-about-to-be-a-student-here-is-my-not-acceptance-letter discount on both the computer AND the extended warranty.

AND I paid for a printer (need) and iPod Nano (probably don't need) which will be FULLY REFUNDED through a rebate!

I have names my new computer Hermione Ginger Junior (Junior for short) because Hermione Ginger was so good to me and I loved her and spent so much time with her. So she is honored in that way.

And my iPod is red.

And my printer also copies and scans (though I can't say how well).

And I will be getting a check in the next some-odd weeks.

Banner day, is what I am saying.
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You know those little plastic cups that you can get at salad bars or in take out food or when food samples are being handed out? Where does one get those (with lids?)

Thank you!
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Well, I think I did. Well, I think I passed. Well, I hope I passed. I should have passed. I mean, I passed the practice tests and the actual test really wasn't any harder then those.

I might have gone a bit conspiracy-theorist and thrown in some unnecessary Orwell in the conclusion of my essay, but I just figure that makes it memorable. Or something.

Fractions continue to defeat me. What is 1/3 of 1/4? In fraction form? Because that is the question I spent the most time on.

And, of course, if the question was easy I thought it was a trick and if the question was crazy hard I thought it was a trick and I had to take some 50/50 stabs but I answered everything and my essay was five paragraphs (actually six, but so was the sample essay I read so I figure I'm good) and on the essay I need to get a 5 out of 12 and I need to get 50% on Literature and Reading Comprehension (90 questions) and 30% on math (35 questions) so I think (hope) I'm good.

I'm just so happy it's no longer hanging over my head. Yipee!
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