I am weary

May. 22nd, 2011 10:09 am
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Weary, I say!
I am so sick of school, and want it to be over! OVER! Not in three weeks! Now!

Nah, I mean yeah, I am weary, but I am surprised at how much I am enjoying school.

But right now, when I am editing one nine page paper, before I edit another five page paper, before I finish writing a quiz on the Potawatomi so I can finish my lesson plan (so I can write four more next week) and write a unit plan, all of which are due tomorrow, I kind of wish I had run off to join the circus.

Wait, no, that would never work. I hate clowns.

And what is especially frustrating is that I'm not even procrastinating (much). It just so happens that three HUGE assignments are due on one day, (to say nothing of the things due tomorrow that I have already finished), and while I tried to get an early start on them, I still had to keep up with my more current assignments.

I'm exhausted and bitchy, and just need to vent.

In other news, does anyone know about Star Trek fic based on the most recent movie? I watched it again last night (awesome), and feel that my life would only get better if I could read some Kirk/Bones, Spock/Uhura stories (preferably in the same story).

I would search myself, but I am seriously terrified of that fandom. And seeing as how I am a lover of both Harry Potter and Twilight (who have their own largess and personal brand of crazy), that is saying something.

Here. Have a funny face:
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