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May. 18th, 2011 11:50 am
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Hi there.
How are things?
I'm okay. Been a bit quiet, I know. School. Four classes. Big mistake.


Much to do, no time to do it.

Also, Pierce time.


It's been a while since I have spammed, and he is almost 15 months (Yowza!)

Yesterday he took a step, his first, and it's fantastic and frightening, as walking means running, and he's already hard to keep up with when he crawls everywhere.

Needless to say, I'm excited.

He's amazing.

I mentioned he was a climber, I'm pretty sure. If I haven't, well, he is. I put him down for less than 30 seconds yesterday, while I locked the stroller (when getting home from the park), and in that 30 seconds he had climbed up two flights of steps. Yikes! He loves to climb. He also loves to eat. Here he is combining his loves:

Jenny calls this picture King Kong. Apparently she ran to get something from her room, leaving him playing with blocks in the living room. This is what she came back to. Apparently he was grabbing food, taking a bite, and then throwing it to the floor. Just thinking about it makes me laugh.

He also loves slides:

He will climb up the jungle gym, turn around and slide down feet first on his belly. He loves it, laughs hysterically, and repeats it over and over (and over and over). The only time I stop him is when he tries to go down face first, as there wouldn't be anyone to catch him at the bottom, so his face would be called to duty. I don't think he realizes how much he'd dislike that.

He's the coolest kid on the swing-set:

He's all about comfort and putting his feet up:

He's still a sweet little snuggler (though I don't have any pictures at the moment), and when he's busy reading or climbing or pulling things off shelves or what-have-you, he will still pause with some frequency to take a moment to cuddle. It's amazing to me that he's not a baby anymore. He's a toddler, and really becoming a little boy:

(I'm sorry about the sideways picture. LJ is being a pain in the ass)
But he's still not too far beyond his infancy:

(He loves an apple with peanut butter, just like his Aunt Annie).

I can't believe how big he is, and how wonderful. Just when I think he can't be more amazing and I can't love him more, he is and I do.

I just can't get enough of him.
/end gush

Hey! Here's a question: does anyone know why LJ has been so freaking slow lately? I feel like it loaded faster when I was on dial-up eight years ago . . .
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